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Power Pack $880
A great starter pack for start ups that need a quick solution. This can be expanded later as the business grows.

5 Initial ideas
I will prepare at least 5 completely unique ideas based on your business. This approach to logo design guarantees that you will have 5 completely unique initial design choices to select from. Here I will take into account any previous discussions likes and dislikes and the agreed direction from the brief you signed off earlier.

3 Redraws
Three redraws are included in your logo design package so you have peace of mind knowing that if the first batch of initial ideas is not working for you then we will send some more. This is so important because it means we will get your design absolutely perfect for your business.

3 days
Initial design ideas are ready for you to view in your own virtual design studio in just 3 business days. Logo design is a massively creative process so during these 3 days we will be working on bouncing ideas around, understanding your business and sketching out many ideas, before I upload the initial 5 designs to your virtual design studio.

As an experienced project manager I will work with you from the very start to make sure everything goes to plan and you are kept in the loop at every single stage of the design process. I will make sure the quality of the design remains consistently high throughout the whole process. Progress of design stages and timescales is an important role of your project so you will be getting regular updates to ensure your expectations are met completely.

Vector files
Master vector file delivery is the icing on the cake with your logo design service . You will own outright the completed logo design and never have to pay a designer royalties for it. It means you can use the logo for literally any purpose and make changes to the design should you wish to without being locked into any specific designer. You have the flexibility and freedom in owning outright this valuable business asset. The master vector file is fully editable in Adobe Illustrator too which means it is suitable for all print shops and design studios.

Full ownership
Full copyright ownership is transferred to you at the completion of your logo design project. You will have full ownership of your logo with the confidence that the design in its entirety belongs only to you. You will also be confident knowing that we never use clipart or other royalty free images when designing your logo. Every logo we design is created from the ground up starting with sketched ideas. If you have an exit strategy and you plan to sell your business in the future, the copyright of your logo can add value to the sale.

 facebook logo   twitter icon   Linkedin and Linkedin plus icons   google  logo

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