Web builder logo

When a web builder gave me a call to say he was putting up a new website I jumped at the chance to help out and get his branding inline with the new image.

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Why build an email list?

You've heard it over and over again. Get an email list. Start building it today. Why? It's your most valuable asset online today and you own it outright.

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Newsletters - are they obsolete?

In this day and age of blogs, posts, tweets and instant snaps mixed with social and digital media channels why would you go to the trouble of producing a printed version of a newsletter?

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The power of beautifully considered design.

The power of beautifully considered design. The vision for a sculptural, curved building on the Harbour broke radically with the cube and rectangular shapes of modernist architecture. The building transformed this architects career and, in turn, transformed the image of an entire nation.

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Branding. Learning to stand out.

What are the biggest overarching 2018 business concerns? A consequence of increased competition, ‘noisy’ markets and less attentive customers is that it becomes more challenging for any business to stand out. In an era of the knowledge economy and multiple media channels left right and centre, It is constantly a huge challenge to get in front of your audience and be noticed. 

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