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The average consumer is subjected to an incredible 247 advertisements per day. 
So why should they buy your product? How do they find your business? An effective advertising strategy will make sure your brand is not forgotten. 


Advertising is the perfect way to attract the attention of loyal and new consumers. Whatever product you may be selling, advertising will be one of the most important factors in increasing sales.

The combination of successfully selling a product or service and the promotion of the business’s brand will improve connections with the audience. Thanks to this connection consumers can understand what the product or service is and the business that can give them the best solution.

In a crowded market advertising is essential to the success of a company - as long as it is marketed correctly and follows the latest trends for the target market. New ways of advertising have developed with modern technologies and continue to change. To direct the attention of a wide market use as large a selection of advertising methods and range of media such as TV, radio, newspapers, and online as possible. When trying to connect to a niche market a more direct approach is needed through social networking and video-on-demand advertising (services like YouTube), where the consumer audience already exists.

What you give is what you get the more time and budget spent on well thought out and appropriate advertising wether its a branding exercise or as shown a pure retail approach will result in a much better increase of sales the promotion of the brand and promotion of the product among the target audience. Success is prevalent and proven in the creativity and uniqueness of a professionally produced advertising campaign. Below is a sample of advertising we have developed for clients.

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elizabeth shop 1


elizabeth shop 2


elizabeth shop 3


Elizabeth Shopping Centre. The centre needed some advertising to take advantage of the Christmas traffic and let people know of Christmas trading details and season offers. The plan was to do some targetted web banners with a static message and in strategic areas to maximise the campaign. Along with some TV exposure all bases were covered.







St Andrew’s Hospital. The hospital has provided medical and surgical excellence to South Australians for more than 75 years. To highlight this and the calibre of people that provide excellent services full colour adverts were created to send the message clearly and strongly while reinforcing the brand.



Boral. Boral South Australia always outperformed its interstate counterparts. Sales have always been healthier compared to the other cities. This was due to a deliberate retail and sales oriented approach to the style of adverts produced. Clear product images and price point. Recipe for success from an oldschool master.





ScottsAir. Staying cool was never so affordable! Pre-season campaign that sent sales northward. The style was simple and chic. The results were pretty cool to say the least. The ads appeared in the local papers and covers (inside front and back)  of editorial magazines in different areas to test the various markets.





Railways. Landscape suppliers in Adelaide - Railways changed their name from the Railway Sleeper Company. To let existing and future customers know we created an new brand and the advertising to go with it. This full page ad style was used in a variety of papers and magazines throughout Adelaide. Featuring weekly specials that made it easy to make changes to suit the various offers.  




JAG Kitchens. Always projecting a premium image these ads were developed to follow the branding. Reflecting quality sophistication and value for money. The format allowed for a premium magazine format and a press style to suit various lifestyle magazines. 





Phoenix Plaza. The shopping precinct in the north east required an advertising campaign to announce the arrival of its presence in the market. Ads were developed and targeted at the demographic best suited to the location. Full page ads and black and white versions were developed for an effective campaign across various local publications.





DockOne. The project in Port Adelaide proved successful for the developers in creating an awareness of the latest opportunities on the waterfront. All were sold well before the official expected timeframe. The plan was to produce full size ads to appear in colour and the attention grabbing strip ads in various publications. The Ports transformation was well underway!

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Brochures + leaflets


One of the most effective tools of communication for any business. And one of the most inexpensive. Professional brochure design is an often overlooked business marketing tool. Plagued by experiences of amateur production and poor design, many businesses are losing out on a marketing avenue that can earn them great returns

Brochures (including fliers, leaflets, pamphlets, etc.) are useful tools in raising the awareness of your business, conveying its goals and vision, reinforcing your brand and educating your audience. Brochures give you the opportunity to create or alter a common perception of your business and leave a good impression.

A well designed brochure should communicate and engage consumers in an effective manner that will motivate them to read it. Consumers expect professional businesses to have printed material; it raises the legitimacy of the business’s profile. Consumers are also becoming increasingly time poor; any material they can take with them will provide to them the opportunity to peruse it at their leisure. In that manner you will already be saving your customers time ahead of the competition. Adding important information on the brochure, like contact information and directions, will also give the customer a reason to hold onto the brochure.

Whilst the content of your brochure is important in educating your audience, it is ineffective if they are not motivated to read it. We can find a balance between content presentation and engaging aesthetics. We can even assist in ensuring your content is concise, informative and beneficial to your brand. Our high quality production can also offer many finishing options. By selecting an appropriate paper (or ‘stock’ as we call it), employing interesting shapes and folds, or suggesting special inks and finishes, your brochure will stand out from the crowd. 
Below showcases some of our successful brochure designs.

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Patio Living. A quality product supplier and manufacturer that wanted to stay fresh in the growing outdoor living market. A square finish was chosen with a folio style layout and detail shots to paint a picture perfect product in use. The style was fresh and simple with the image's doing the selling. Simple style.




SPASA. The South Australian Pool and Spa Association wanted to inform the public and pool owners of ways to efficiently save water as pool and spa owners. A dye - cut design for the cover was devised for the 26 page booklet and a fun illustration style to support the water and money saving tips. A bold treatment of blue with a graphic device of swirls to keep the water theme running through all the promo material.



Newtons. Building and landscape suppliers produced this A3 folding to A4 leaflet on a 150 gloss stock as a mail-out to the trade and public. With monthly specials and premier product suppliers featured it was a refreshing change of direction. 



MyTech Solutions. A Software and IT company in Adelaide that focuses on local support. Again a quality finish with matt lamination and spot UV varnish on the outside of the business pack. Along with some targeted A5 leaflets highlighting the solution to IT woes. This was an effective print solution that raised the profile of the business and also provided some useful leave behind material the would be too good to throw away.



APMS. Adelaide Pipeline Maintenance Services is part of the Hall and Baum group of companies. The brief was to produce a low cost digital solution as the print quantities were going to be low. The solution was to produce an A3 folding to an A4 brochure style product on a firm gloss stock that could easily be printed digitaly. Full colour with a stylistic approach to pipeline searching and cleaning made for a striking info piece.



Jeffries. Compost soil and mulch experts are a well known South Australian company. Leading the way in recycling and compost and soil technology with water saving qualities they wanted to produce a catalogue that highlighted their premium soils and provide price points. A 6 page A5 leaflet that folded out to showcase product was designed produced and printed to the clients expectations. Keeping the existing branding while making the product informative and interesting enough not to throw it away was acheived.



Oliver Technologies. Commisioned to produce a striking business pack folder that was slick and sophisticated for the premium market they wanted to attract. The solution was to produce a corporate folder with gloss UV varnish treatment on a matt finish which was enhanced with featuring product and company projects to date. The folder was produced on a 250gsm card further strengthened by the matt plastic coating. All up the full gloss inserts made a striking contrast adding to the impact of the package.



Womens Legal Service. After serving South Australia for 17 years the group approached us to produce a publication that could introduce the new premises that were to be officially opened. The request was to produce a booklet that would allow digital printing and PDF supply online. All done in a matter of days (4 to be exact) a budget project that didnt skimp on style and substance.

In addition a set of DL leaflets were produced and offset printed to support the organistion continuing the branding and style of all other materials produced eg. posters and website.



ScottsAir. Along with the new logo and branding was the inclusion of a new corporate folder with A3 folding to A4 inserts to be designed and produced by SPD to boost the new branding and provide product information across all sectors of the market. A matt plastic coated finish with UV varnish spot printing was suggested and aproved to lift the quality image that was needed to make an impression on the competitive residential market.




JAG Kitchens.Requested a mail out to send through to certain areas in Adelaide as inserts in a local paper. The product neded to stay in line with the branding and be cost efficient. A4 140 gsm style leaflet was designed, produced and printed with a great response for the campaign from the targeted lucrative suburbs. Kitchen renovation rules again.


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Case study.

An abrasive blasting and spray technology company that needed a new image and branding to further push their marketing direction. The logo graphic reflects the past services and history of Oliver Technologies (blue and green) and includes the addition to the colour scheme of the orange which represents the innovative side of Oliver Technologies along with the research development and support the company is well capable of providing now and into the future.


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Branded stationery.
You can use it to improve your image, make use of marketing opportunities and spread your brand message further. What's more it is very simple to get your own branded stationery created and the effects can be very noticeable in a short time period.



Company brochure design. Style with substance.
The brochures and inserts needed to be read by the targeted consumers which were in the top tier level of the market so that they could find out about the latest services and products that Oliver Technologies are offering.

These consumers naturally gravitate and are accustomed to seeing on a daily basis premium eye-catching design due to the nature of where they sit in the market. These brochures would be competing with other point of contact material from other businesses and competitors. Oliver Technologies wanted their items to stand out and ideally beckon to the passing customers eyes.

They needed to be attractive and creative brochures that would effectively inform and naturally bear important content. After all beauty is nothing without substance. So with that in mind the following materials for their marketing communications were developed:

A hard cover folder with flaps to accomodate business cards and 8 x A4 inserts with product and service details. A high quality finish was recommended for the folders. A 300gsm card with full colour printing and matt finish with a gloss UV varnish to highlight certain areas of print and images on the folders. This created a slick and high end product that was good to view and hold.

The full colour inserts were produced on a 250 gsm gloss stock and were varnish coated to avoid print and ink scuffing. These had consistent styling cues and graphics throughout and in keeping with the previously produced stationery. All tied in together making a strong presence.


Website design and development.
Oliver Technologies was very clear about increasing the sales of the products and services that they provide. They wanted to find ways to make their existing business more viable and profitable. One effective way was to provide product online to increase sales through their website. 

To achieve this and provide a flexible solution for now and to be evergreen in the online arena a CMS website was developed with specific coding and modules to provide online ordering and delivery of what will eventually be over 400 products.

The final outcome projects a professional image and provides that online presence that is an effective sales tool with flexibility to add and make changes through a robust CMS sytem that the client can utilise in house.



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Get in touch today.

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Get in touch today and chat about your project 
and how to create an impression that generates results.


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Logo design + development


A logo for any business should be the absolute key element in establishing a brand. Get repeat customers. Help them remember you. Your logo is a representation of your business and its purpose and will be the first point of contact for most of your customers.

Logo design is important for two main reasons; to communicate efficiently with your customers and to differentiate your business from the competition.

At Parashis Creative we can achieve the first goal by working closely with you to attain a broad understanding of who you are what your business is trying to achieve and where your business’s strengths lie. By conveying all of these points in a simple concise symbol your customers will be emotionally engaged in your business and will come to associate many things with it.

Various studies undertaken within marketing show that not only do people prefer to deal with a business with a professional logo they are also prepared to spend more with that business. I can create an effective logo design for your business that will put it far above the stagnant competition and make it stand out from in shelves and in the customers’ mind.

There is a lot more to professional logo design than commonly believed. Your logo will be a tool for communication with your audience. It needs to project your business as professional and trustworthy. I have had a lot of experience successfully addressing these points for clients in the past. See my work below and discover how I can create online logo ideas and a voice for many clients.


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lend assist logo

New logo and branding.

A finance consultant needed a logo to head his new venture in property lending. A strong logo that was developed very quickly and easily. The client responded to info sent to him quickly. This helped greatly in producing the logo from start to finish in 3 days. All in a days work for logo designer online.




 lifeflow logo 2

New logo and branding. Web presence
Adelaide meditation centre with a point of difference. A refreshing approach to meditation and balance in life. The logo and website have now been well established.





John Martin RE logo

New logo and branding. 
An established name in real estate in the north needed a new logo and branding to reproduce easily across all mediums.





New logo and branding. 
A Software developer that had a successful and long-running product knew it was time to brand the suite of services it provided as a cloud based system. The logo was to be strong and incorporate the existing Codehouse branding. A great client and project that produced a great result. Check out the process on this site under now 



dock one logo. 2016
New logo and branding. 
The Port was going through a transformation and we were briefed to produce a logo that represented the new development and its location. Also to allow for ease of use in all mediums web, print and signage.



Screenshot 2015-07-15 23.29.02

New logo and branding. 
A web developer that helps me out with building quick dynamic sites for clients needed a new logo. Quick and slick with a focus on client satisfaction is the way they work. So I went ahead and produced this new branding and logo. All in a day's work. Well, not that quick.




Scrimplogo 8.14

New logo and branding. 
A lifestyle blogger with a fun approach to the home, saving, gardening and lifestyle genre.  With hints and tips highlighted on the blog the brief was to present an image that was fun and true to the blogger. Happy scrimping!



New logo and branding. 
A coder needed an identity to reflect his style of work. Blazingly fast.



New logo and web presence 
Long established premier cleaning company in Adelaide needed a new logo to head up their new site.





New logo and branding. Product label development. Web presence
Award winning fitness guru and body builder wanted to develop a unique look and feel to the typical gym culture branding.



New logo
Local primary school wanted to unify the school and staff in their future direction of diversity - belonging - respect and achievement.




New logo and branding. Web presence
The branding request was for something fresh, modern and appealing to the residential market segment. 




 Bedbugz logo

New logo and branding.
Kids store that specialised in all things fun for girls and boys rooms. A fun mascot was developed that would allow easy intergration in all the mediums.

New logo and branding. Web presence
An abrasive blasting and spray technologies company that needed a new image and branding.


New logo and branding. Web presence
A new recruitment agency with the desire to project a slick, clean image.


New logo.
A high end cabinetry and kitchen manufacturer in the commercial sector.


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Newsletter 90 v2* PRINTING NOT INCLUDED. 

Newsletters + publications


In this day and age of blogs, posts, tweets and instant snaps mixed with social and digital media channels why would you go to the trouble of producing a printed version of a newsletter?

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Engaging with your customers and developing brand loyalty.
Imagine a printed piece that's well designed easy to read and printed on a beautiful paper. Statistics show that people retain printed newsletters and magazines that they are sent regularly from a business they have a relationship with far more than an ezine, post, blog or online medium.

A few things to keep in mind.
People stories. The latest hike or travel adventure by you or your clients. Highlight celebs or figures in the community that relate to your service or products. Or just the simple thank you to customers and clients for their patronage. Recognition goes a long way.

Funny unusual or interesting piece of info that intrigues and fascinates.
Nothing beats little bites of information that gets spread through the group or office. 
News pieces that are both relevant to your industry and are exciting new developments. Maybe express an opinion that opens a dialogue about your businesses principles and ideas. This can unite a team or group with shared values.

Tips and tricks and how-tos are always a winner.
For example, how to design a brochure, make a logo design or flyer design inspiration. 
Also, provide some limited product or service promotion in the mix for example "new logo design price". Don’t over do it. Maybe a monthly new product update. New service intro or a special offer to loyal clients.

Support your web, social and brand messages.
All this material and research can be recycled to suit Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, posts and tweets. This produces a strong uniform brand and image across all mediums. All this along with good branding guidelines and logo development should produce great results consistently over and over again. Also it's a great way to direct more visits to your website. 

2 x easy steps to getting your new look newsletter designed!
Below are costs for designing and producing your newsletter of choice to finished print ready art for offset or digital output. Printing is extra so give us a call to discuss prices and print runs you will need.

1) How many pages you'll need.
This will depend on whether you are a small business, club or association. Usually, the 4 pager option is plenty to tell your story and make some announcements. For medium sized businesses that deal in products and services, the 6 pager option is good to go as it provides plenty of space for new product and service feature announcements. For larger firms with over 20 staff and national presence, we recommend the 8 pager design option for maximum space to tell all in a comfortable and effective manner. Good large images and plenty of interesting articles . Call us to discuss we'll be happy to spend the time going through your options.

Newsletter 90 blue back

2) Gather all images and articles.
All the existing images and previously used working, PDF and vector files you have on file. Any new images and articles to be set up in individual folders named and marked clearly. Use any cloud-based storage or transfer service like Dropbox or Wetransfer. If you don't have any articles we can organise to have these ready for you.

Call us for a printing quote. We have the connections.
With over 30 years experience in Adelaide, we have got to know a thing or two about printing and suppliers that are reliable and provide good value for money while producing a quality product. 

Call for a quote 0419 817169 now! or email

Top graphic designers in Adelaide.
As creators of branding and advertising for over 30 years in Adelaide, you will get the best service and attention to detail in the business. You benefit from years experience both in the corporate and advertising fields producing print and web content for major Adelaide businesses. 

If you need a logo refresh we love creating company logo ideas and can show you how to make your own logo with our help to reinforce and support all your newsletter and branding activities.

For some great graphic design examples of printed material check our website under Brochures + Leaflets and Now to see how we have helped many businesses to create online logo solutions. You'll also find examples of brochures and how to design a brochure, flyer design inspiration  that all effectively communicate your companies brand and principles.


 Yearbooks. Create a lasting memory to keep.




Newsletters to inform and make announcements of coming events. N.Letterprices.JUNE.2016COLN.Letterprices.JUNE.2016COL2N.Letterprices.JUNE.2016COL3



Ebooks. Become an authority to add value to your customers and create a following.

PA.21 day clean eat.5.7.16cover


Annual Reports to let the stakeholders know of what's happened and accomplished.







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blind samples

A wholesale blind and window finishing company in Adelaide told their story using a unique image and a distinctly finished promo piece with gloss varnish embellishment and a matt coating contrast to finish the printed brochure. 

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Logo + Branding for business will always be the core service.
By working closely with you we attain a broad understanding of who you are what your business is trying to achieve and where your business strengths lay. By conveying all of these points in a simple concise logo or business mark your customers will be emotionally engaged in your business. We then apply a style or as we like to call it "graphic language" to suit all your communications. In doing so we create a brand around your product or service. Below are costs and additional services that support that key branding that are available and add value and strength to this foundation work.

Logo + Branding Packs to suit your budget.

Power Pack
1 x page guide
1 x colour guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
A great starter pack for
start ups that need a
quick solution.
This can be expanded
later as the business grows.
Creative Pack
4 x page correct usage guide
1 x colour guide
1 x font usage guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
This pack expands on
the Power Pack and
includes a correct
usage guide of the logo.
Corporate Pack
12 x page style guide
Ai • eps • jpeg formats
For serious marketing
managers and brand
custodians of a business
or company. Covers all
the aspects and details
of the logo and it's
correct usage ready to
be implemented and used.







Website design + development.


 A professional website gives you greater control, market reach and flexibility when it comes to your marketing. Using a professional like ParashisCreative will ensure your business stands out for all the right reasons.

In a world where more and more people are using the internet – an estimated 60% of Australians (2.1 billion users world-wide!) - to communicate, find information and socialise. It is an imperative move to create a website for your business. By having a website you are directly targeting a wider range of potential clients, currently over 30% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet in some way.

Websites are a dynamic and effective way to create a presence for you business online that will connect with your audience at their own comfort. It is an avenue for businesses to become available all day, every day where clients can get in contact with you in their own time and when it suits them best. The goal is to be as convenient as possible to the consumer, if you are constantly on show the consumer can view who you are and familiarise themselves with your business at their leisure. By having a website it allows the consumer to find you; if your website is clear, truthful, on brand, has strong and precise information, options to subscribe to receive electronic emails (become a member) and is designed to the best quality, you will be guaranteed sales and loyal customers to your business.

The benefits of having a website is that it is inexpensive to maintain, more flexible, easier to access, convenient, will improve credibility and gives you the opportunity to grow your business.

Here at Parashis Creative we are dedicated to producing the highest quality website for our clients; fast, efficient, clear and eye catching designs that hit the brand of your business and the hearts of your audience. 

Below is a selection of websites designed and developed that have already boosted our clients potential.


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Spring Gully Foods.  Label concepts turned into designing and producing the new website for the client. A product showcase combined with a little history and an illustrative style for the intro made for a striking and smooth



JAG Kitchens. Being one of the premier kitchen designers in Adelaide JAG needed a website that showcased their style and innovation. Slick and smooth this site really pushed the product and image JAG was aiming for.



Oliver Technologies.  To increase the sales of the products and services that they provide the client wanted to find ways to make their existing business more viable and profitable. One effective way was to provide product online to boost sales through their website. The site was built to allow for inhouse changes to product line and maintenance.





O'Connell St Foodworks Supermarket. This family owned South Australian business in North Adelaide with a loyal customer base wanted to inform and provide a platform for their services and products. What better way than with some slick imagery. All photography and set up of all the product shots was achieved in one afternoon. Great effort by all.


webdev.folio.power.13.8.14 webdev.folio.power2.13.8.14webdev.folio.power3.13.8.14

Power Athletics. An award winning fitness and body sculpting guru here in Adelaide needed to provide info and health products to his ever increasing client base. A shop was built in and an image that lifted him above the muscle and fitness crowd as a point of difference. A clean crisp approach did this with the style of the site and the new branding that tied it all together.



ScottsAir. Providing airconditioning for major builders and construction companies In South Australia ScottsAir decided to move into the untapped mum and dad sector. The task? produce a website that would inform and advertise the new approach with the branding we produced eg new logo, style guide and business material in the form of brochures and stationery. All done by SPD expertise.



Samuel James Homes.  A premium home builder here in Adelaide with quality at the top of its list. Competing in a crowded market of luxury home builders they wanted a site that displayed the grand designs that they are known for. Big image backgrounds. Simple navigation. Striking plans.




Christine Saunders Interior Design.  An Interior designer needed a refresh of her website. The concepts above were developed with a moody contemporary feel reflecting the rich and intricate side of work this designer was known for.


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To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.