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Newsletters re-designed. 
November 2014 

The first of the newsletter re-design was a pretty simple request. Design a new format for the regular newsletter. My initial thoughts were to cater for the images pretty strongly. I really believe that a newsletter should be visual and supported by great stories. Fortunately the client agreed and when I sent through the visuals they were met with enthusiasm. The visual was approved and the final production of the newsletter and header art was completed. The raw text and images were provided in separate folders clearly marked and tagged. This helped with the entire process and kept the job to a minimum time frame 3 days for an 8 page newsletter. Produced and printed.




We developed a new header with logos as the newsletters branding and made it a feature that appealed to readers and provided a distinct image to provide recall with. The orange theme tied in with the church garden and was relevant to the congregation. This was a nice touch and really helped in selling the idea to the parish. They loved the new logos and took ownership of the header and newsletter. This was reflected later with the continued interest to produce the newsletter. The full value of this will be seen in time but it certainly injected some energy and a sense of belonging to something special within the community. I guess thats what a printed newsletter in this digital age can do.






The next re-design was a little different but not unusual. There are existing logos and we needed to incorporate that in the new design. Something that comes naturally to me. I have never found it an issue no matter what the branding or logos may be. I will always find a creative way to make the project work within the guidelines. Some colour coding to tie the newsletter with the logos and keeping the design clean and crisp with easy to read text and headlines. All done and in time for the print run.






To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.