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Logo not to be. 
March 2015 

The client was sure they needed a logo to go with the new direction of the caravan park. I was sure I wanted to do the work. So the paper work was sent with the costs and schedule. Cool, they loved the proposal and previous work. Signed up and gave the go ahead. These visuals were sent thru after hearing they wanted something to represent the area and the ambience of the new renovations. I did some research on Cooper Pedy and discovered a few interesting things. I honed in on the landscape, product, and fauna of the surrounding area. Opal, Peregrine falcon and a moonscape. Excellent. 


The first of the visuals/concepts featured the two elements abundant in the region Opal and the native Peregrine Falcon representing travel and freedom with a connection to the land. In this instance I combined these elements in a Falcon silhouette of the Falcon with the Opal represented in geometric form within the Falcon providing a striking colour pallet for each of the different areas of the park. A distinct look which used properly would create a unique brand of the park.



A much more colourful and fun approach to the concept of the ground features of the area (Coober Pedy) and the below the ground treasures of opal. All this under the gaze of an outback sun and sky. Colour coding assists again with the identification of the different aspects and services of the park. A very flexible solution which can utilise the coloured dots on various pieces to tie in the entire facility. 








The third approach a stark orange feature and shape of this logo graphic that evoke the shape and features of the grounds nearby and the above and below aspect of Coober Pedy. At the same time representing both the “S” and “R” in Stuart Ranges. The four areas are represented by colour and use of the logo graphic to tie it all together. This creates a strong branding language to make use of throughout the park in the form of signage, displays, and murals.

I waited to hear from the client soon as I was really pleased with the logo concepts presented. My personal favourite was the strong graphic treatment (3rd option). My initial contact with the client was over the phone and was pleasant. Lovely people with a growing business they wanted to take further. I was excited for them as new renovations were coming to an end and all was in place to re-invent the park to their vision.


Unfortunately nothing came of the logo designs or any of the additional concepts (12 in all presented to them). It was difficult for them to pinpoint what they wanted and make a decision to go ahead with a design to finished art. There was change of direction and zig zagging but no final solution. As I said they thought they needed a new logo and I thought I wanted to design one for them. I did and was pleased with the outcome. 



To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.