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Website in luxury. 
July 2015 

All was organised for a well needed meeting when the client got back from overseas. We discussed the site and media support that may be needed to help in the marketing and presentation of the apartment to prospective buyers. The first thing to do was a site plan to check content requirements and how the navigation felt around the site. Once this was done and approved we proceeded with the design of the site.

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The site was underway and one of the requirements everyone agreed on was the large format images. Large images to really show of the apartment and do justice to the beautiful detail the apartment consists of in every corner. The thought was to create a walk through style menu and list all the rooms. This was to create a feeling of moving through the apartment in a particular order and enjoying the tour.



A rich pallette of colours was selected (I like to call it luxury brown and rich red) as shown and the menus and navigation started to come together with a lot of images to be placed on the site. With the look of the site pretty much in progress the content and branding side of things was discussed and agreed to go ahead at this time as well. All was getting ready for the social media campaign to be included in the mix.


The overall theme to the promotion and branding of the apaprtment was in place "it could be yours" this was directed at the target market that would consider a purchase and investment of this style of property. This created a suggestion of want to own the apartment. A possibility that it was in your grasp that you can make the decision if you wanted to own something as special as this apartment. All good in theory as they say.






Some key content was produced to be included in the site. The location page and the presentation of the building and scope of the aprtment in the complex. Its place in the world.




All was proceeding well and on track for the 2 week production of the site. In the meantime the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ presence was being planned. Overall the client loved the site and was very pleased with the presentation of the apartment and its features. This was all created to be able to market the property and make it easy to gather qualified leads of interest. Well this was the first step the creation of a well presented website.



To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.