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The rise of the web banner
November 2015 

Some interesting research came up while producing some web banner projects for a few clients. Take a look at the end of this post for some intersting conclusions from the "Journal of Management and Marketing Research" Bangkok University.


 160x600.RPbreez20  320x50.RPbreez20


Rite Price Heating and Cooling needed some banners for a campaign in a national channel. Promoting the Breezeair Supercool line of units for the season. We set about doing some roughs to set the ball rolling and refined them to suit the simple message. Yes we did choose the animated option as there would be some considerable distractions in the medium used.






At the same time Seeley CMS asked us to develop and produce their web banners for the coming season. We suggested the animated versions again as there was a few messages we needed to put forward on the banners. With some of the smaller type of banners only text was implemented to tell the story.







Below are some findings on the best type of web banner formats. As always keep in mind placement of the advertising. It seems that static square ads have the highest click through rate (CTR). While the best converting shape was rectangle.

"The research method used was quantitative observation experiment and data was collected through the Google AdWords from Google Display Network, which the researcher had access through the case company’s account. Data was collected from 14 days period. The findings showed levels of significance between types and shapes. Performance wise static banner type outperformed dynamic in all areas: CTR, CR and TCR. The best performing shape for CTR and TCR was square. The best converting shape was rectangle. Comparing combined type and shape showed that static square led to best CTR, second best CR, and best TCR. The best CR was recorded for static rectangle. Statistical tests showed that null hypothesis could be rejected for type CR and TCR, shape CTR, and most type and shape combined data, and that levels of statistical significance was found for most of these data." - Source: "Journal of Management and Marketing Research" Bangkok University.

In the same research it mentions that there is some value in an animated banner as the movement of the ad attracts the eye where possibly the banner may have been ignored. Also mentioned was the position on the page of the banner. Above the fold always won over below the fold. Not surprising. 

So there you have it. So when the question comes up again...I'll leave it up to you.


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