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Testing the waters 
March 2016 

Sometimes a boost in foot traffic isnt so easy to achieve. The client needed some web banners for a digital medium. We discussed the pain - people are not aware of the function facilities and the venues available. This was going to be a test the waters exercise. The results have not come in yet. Waiting to hear.

The solution was to develop some consistency in image and present a dynamic portrayal of the venue and shows. There was no branding prior to this or graphic language apart from the existing logo.

The ads were not big either but that doesnt matter. Thats where we come in with the experience to use the space effectively to its maximum potential. The headlines were pretty obvious  "Get On Track!" and the sub head supported the intended function or venue. Simple but effective in grabbing the attention.




We wanted to show the racing aspect along with the family type of entertainment and venue available. Bold headlines were developed along with some graphics and images to tell part of the exciting story. Visuals sent for approval some fine tweaking of text (copy) and we were under way to supplying finished art to the advertising agency. 







The client loved the approach and future work was discussed to capitilise on the new branding style. As always it highlights the importance of a professional brand strategy and supporting this with key marketing in mediums that will produce results. We can help you do this in social media or TV, press or online. We take the worry out of it and make it easy.








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