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Let's talk fashion
May 2016

The brief required us to produce a mark that reflected the sensibilities and style "while bringing back the art of expression through words."

So it was important that the identity used those very elements to create that impression. In this instance letters and shapes with a splash of style. The typography was to be a prominent feature in this logo.

Alexia multi.logos

We used a custom-made font and some hand lettering to create some of the logos. This would fit in with the creative audience we were trying to attract and collaborate with. At the same time adding a unique touch to the identity and its owner.

Alexia logo 1The blogs content was to be a variety of topics from fashion to travel and some in between. Having this in mind our intention was to create a mark or logo that looks like it had existed for some time.Alexia logo 2

This instantly provides authority and adds to the blogs credibility. All these elements put together to produce a unique mark that was planned to be used in establishing a dynamic simple identity that shows a sophisticated smart and savvy outlook.

Alexia web visual.2

Regrettably the logo concepts were not received with favour (not the look they were after) and they are now as you see them... examples of what could have the meantime check the blog out at




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To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

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