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September 2016 

As a marketing channel email isn’t going anywhere. In a recent Direct Marketing Association study 75.8% of marketers said they are using more email than they were three years ago.
(Source Forrester)

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When all is said and done it is one the most effective methods of communicating with your audience and building a community that sees value in your business and does business with you either by purchasing your products or services and referring your business to the wider social media circles. And it allows you to market to them again and again.

How? Content that's how. Valuable content.
Customers are researching looking and informing themselves online before they make a purchase. Building a library of articles and tips and hints questions and answers, reports, infographics, ebooks are all a great way as well to get your expertise out there. This enables your business or service to become the authority in your field. The go-to guys for reliable relevant information. You become the specialist and that is invaluable. 

Make loyal customers that seek you out for your expertise and information or products. How do you build that following? By helping others. Give away information and expertise that assist's in solving the customer's pain or achieving their goals. 
 that is of real value and use to your potential customers 
in exchange of their email. 

Below is a sample of reports that will be used to grab an email of a potential customer by providing them relevant content that they want and are looking for. Produced for the client to provide content on their new site. These were designed and researched and written for the client as a library of articles from frequently asked questions.

Content samples

So how do you build that list?

By offering that content and allowing them to provide you with their email for the download of that special report on skin care trends or the latest ebook on retaining wall building methods. Once you have their emails it will allow you to develop a long-term business relationship with special offers and updates that direct them to your website, business, and products.

How aggressively or softly you want to market to this segment will be entirely up to you and their needs and responses. So why an email list? Simple. It enables you to constantly remarket via email to those customers again and again. Remember the 80-20 law. You generate 80% of your income from the 20% of your customers. Email lists allow you to do that.

Contact me now for more information on how we can help you to produce relevant content that will suit your market.

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To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.