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January 2017 

This was a great project to tackle. Great content and images and copy (text) that was supplied ready to be used. Also to make it even more appealing the client wanted something a little quirky, a little bit different, "you know left of field type of thing" they said. But not outlandish we dont want to scare our clients away. So you want to tell your story in a distinct way? That's what I do. So we began.


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The creative brief
First step was to get a brief together and proposal which was sent off to the client and approved. With the hosekeeping out of the way, I was ready to proceed with agreeing on a direction and style. The brochure was to be used after initial contact as an information pack. The selling had been done previously and the folder was to be used as either the follow-up meet or the specification presentation.

We discussed the style and feel and agreed on a slick smooth look with a thick textured stock (paper) to add a little less formality and not have that corporate look. It was going to be a gatefold that would open either side and reveal a four-page spread with specific info about the firm and its process. All this with a pocket and constatina fold to allow for the papers that would be collected and accumulate over the process of consultation with the client.

The search for perfection
I looked at the process and realised there was a lengthy and detailed path the client had to take and in the end it was about how the client wanted to feel about their new kitchen. Blissful, contented, satisfied, delighted, and a heightened sense of achievement. This coincided with the purpose of Kitcnenext. That of constantly seeking perfection. The path to this state reminded me of the path to Nirvana, enlightenment and the meditative process to a specific goal. This was what the ultimate goal of a food loving, kitchen aficionado was looking for. (Apart from adding value to the home and getting a great looking functional kitchen in the process)

kitchen nextv2

So was born the concept of the "10 step process to Kitchen Nirvana." A few select photos of projects produced with some tie-in of headlines to the whole theme of "kitchen bliss". A heavenly revelation, sky hero shot was chosen for the front cover to add to the ambience revealing a Kitchenext creation. It was presented to the client with a few different approaches in the styling and I wait. Soon to hear of a decision or feedback.

Branding and content creation need images
In the meantime, some concepts for some editorial and magazine advertising were developed to add to the marketing toolbox ready for use. So a photo shoot was organised and executed by Peter Hoare Photography in record time. He focused on the textural display of the showroom and materials available for use by Kitchenext. All in a morning ready to use in the ad concepts or brochure. This was a different deliberate direction as it needed to perform a certain task out in the media. Grab the attention in a strong way with strong headlines that incite curiosity and communicate quickly. The use of some funky uber style textures with headlines and words that describe the truths that the audience were looking for in a kitchen designer and builder here in Adelaide.


These ads were to tie in with the mission and purpose of Kitchenext stated in their story. "Kitchenext is a young and dynamic kitchen company made up of creative people with long histories in the kitchen industry. We’re small but we have heart and dedication…and we’re  constantly seeking perfection. 
We want nothing less than to revolutionise the kitchen industry here in Adelaide and to make the process of kitchen renovation a better, happier experience."


 kit next ads 5

Different layouts and styles to mix it up.

Screenshot 2

And headlines and copy that would tie in with the branding story of Kitchenext. 


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To you. Your business and its values. The integrity of the work
and its purpose.

To you the client. To produce a cost efficient result using the appropriate resources.

To the end user and targeted customer of the commissioned project and purpose.